Business phone Consulting


Telephone & Wire Cabling

After you have selected which type of business phone system you need, you will of course need the telephone itself. There are many brand of business phone out there so why choose Panasonic. 

Panasonic brand is known world-wide. It offers HD Voice quality, Easy-to-Use Design, XML Support, Easy Setup, Lower Power Consumption, and best of all 2 years warranty on all phones. 

Why Panasonic phones check it out for yourself.

Cabling is the backbone of your business phone system. It determines how fast your data speed can transmit. We can install Fiber Optic, CAT 5, CAT 5e, or CAT 6 cable. 

All cables will be tested, labeled, and professionally installed. We understand your business is important so we can install the cabling during after hours so not to disturb your business.